Iconic Lightboxes

An innovative concept for displaying personal or iconic photos, images and brands, they have also been used by some of the world’s leading sport franchises and global music icons to expand merchandising opportunities.

Our low voltage LED lightboxes are fully tested, CE compliant and also available with Child appealing standard certification. They are also popular for use in events, exhibitions or point of sale promotions.

To see how you can use our lightboxes to promote your brand, increase revenue for image assets or maximise merchandising opportunities:

Get Inspiration

Imagine… your brand on Times Square billboards, scaled, in everybody’s home.

Interchangeable Images of Your Brand

Our versatile low-cost lightboxes have been designed to securely hold high quality transparent images. This enables rapid customisation of the lightbox through the use of interchangeable screens, giving multiple imaging options, meaning your customers can choose their favourite images of your brand to display on their lightboxes.

This could include logos, famous personalities, cartoons, wording, photography and more. The possibilities are limitless.

What can lightbox do for your brand?

Brand Recognition

With your brand images displayed in thousands of homes, your brand recognition will grow.

Loyalty & Retention

From good quality products, comes happy customers. Keep your brand on the minds of your customers.


Nothing stands out more in the homes of your customers than your branding displayed on LED lightboxes.

Generate Sales

Leverage your brand and take advantage of this unique merchandising and licensing opportunity.

Want to Work With Us?

If you’re ready to make more from your brand through licensing, and want your colours, logo and images on lightboxes in homes across the country, please contact us to get started so we can create a bespoke order for you. 

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