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Iconic Lightbox was founded by experts in brand licensing who have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Our Approach

We believe in bringing brands to life through licensing. Having worked with brands through products like promotional towels and other merchandise, we know that it’s not just a case of throwing a logo on everything in sight. We look for the best mix and stick to your current branding guidelines.

When it comes to lightboxes, the imagery is so important – the LED lighting makes it stand out above everything else around, so we work with you to choose the best choice of images and create eye-catching packaging with strong shelf appeal. When we work with you to create merchandise, we make sure your branding looks great.

Case Study: Large Sporting Merchandise Company

It was whilst exhibiting our street signs on the iconic lightbox we were introduced to a large sporting merchandise company.

A global leader and specialist in licensed sporting merchandise, they work with some of the biggest names in global sports across football, American sports, motorsports, golf and more. As experts in fan trends, they saw lightboxes as unique, simple and current so took the opportunity to work with Iconic Lightbox.

Through this company, our lightboxes were produced with screens branded with images and logos from some of the top football clubs in the United Kingdom, before being sold to their fans, through the official club megastores.

We worked with them to choose the best screen designs, create enticing and attractive packaging with shelf appeal, also to plan and execute a logistics strategy which saw the lightboxes delivered to the clubs in a slick and timely fashion.

The result: well designed, eye-catching merchandise which was loved by fans and clubs. Once sales were achieved with the lightbox, the sale of additional screens enables a long shelf life with unlimited additional sales.

Want to Work With Us?

If you’re ready to make more from your brand through licensing, and want your colours, logo and images on lightboxes in homes across the country, please contact us to get started so we can create a bespoke order for you. 

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